System Requirements

In order to work with the Face Control Content Management System you must have a copmuter connected to the Internet. Face Control is web based CMS an you can edit your site from everywhere.

Face Control works with Internet Explorer 5.5+ .

Once you've configured your site you can enter information trough Mozilla Firefox 5.0+ or even from your palm computer.

When your web site is deployed on a server your system administrator receives a username and password. This is the administration account. The owner of this account defines how many users will be able to modify the content of the web site and can precisely determine exactly what actions each user is allowed to take. So, every user receives a personal account. According to the limitations set in your account there are things you will be able to do with the system and ones you will not have access to. Thus certain features and menus of the Face Control CMS might be invisible for you, which is a limitation set by your system administrator.