Frequently Asked Questions

I have set width and height of the image but the new settings do not work. Make sure you have set the height and width of the images before their uploading.

I cannot align the image in center position
Place the cursor before or after the image and then click on the “Align centered” icon.

I have created a new INFO but I cannot see it on original web site
Make sure that the information is published (see EDITOR CONTROL). There is also a possibility that you have not refreshed your web site – click on F5.

I have uploaded the image and I click on THUMB in order to insert it as thumbnail but nothing happens.
Make sure that you have pointed the image you want to insert and afterwards click on THUMB.

I want to upload an image but it does not appear on the list.
Make sure that the image is not too big. We recommend the uploading of images not bigger than 70-100 KB. There are no system limitations about the size of the image you want to upload but the process depends very much on the speed of uploading of your Internet provider.

When I create an information and insert a table in the content the font in the table is different than the one outside the table.
The table is usually independent from the general template so when you create a table you have to select the text and apply separately the font size and type.