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What's New

2.86 build 26 - 23.01.2006
added sort by field in Visualization Management
In Styles Creator - order of templates and id numbers
advanced edit of structured data
advanced edit of visualisation management
IF BLOCK in templates
added conditions in preview and internal forum
new opportunities for adding in select tool

2.86 build 25 - 30.10.2005
added #Strict(html_code)
new page mnemonics fc=s1p12n10v7
on Submit button - session id transferes
added link to next and link to previous info
added RSS module
added #CurrentInfoTitle
removed parasite info in query sections in Expanded preview
in Select tool - added order p\by position ##30p
Expanded preview now works for multiple sites on domain
New interface in Templates Editor
Added Buttons Build Info Link, Build Info Complete
Added Formatted Date to Templates Editor and Site Options language dependent

2.86 build 24 - 26.09.2005
added brackets to vars in query sections
added subscription module
auto remove  two non-breaking spaces
fixed parasite header in query sections
added new field in structured data - select tool
in query sections - possibility to change order of returned results
added section structured data
new mnemonics integrated in previews
added session to query section with variables
different users for each sub site

2.86 build 23 - 24.08.2005
added search in all images and in all files
css and javascript files - different for different sites
new tags to autoremove Word formatting
new fields to subscription module
added vars in query section to cache
rename visualization
added messages if no results found in query section
new interfaces for Insert Image and Insert File windows

2.86 build 22 -25.07.2005
Added option WYSIWYG in Visualization Management
Added field Note in Info Entry and Editor Control
Added button Restore from Web
Added Send to a friend
Added #Domain, #send_link, #send_title
Possibility of editing Templates files
Fixed bugs with images in html Structured Data field
Css and JavaScript files for every site

2.86 build 21 - 18.07.2005
Added variables to Query sections
Added optional Show Section Header in Query Section's results
Added Registered Visitors log
Added link for Help to topic in Face Control menu
Users log for unsuccessful login attempts
Added new fields - #tab, #fcfield, #sum
Added conditions - if ... do... else do ... in Templates and Info Entry
Added chanchable Search Interface Colors
Added new tags for Remove Word Formatting
In Subscription module added edit of groups of users through spreadsheets
Added warning for info with same title in current section when trying to create a new one
Fixed bug when adding flash in Templates Editor
Fixed bug with dynamic dropdown Structured Data fields
Fixed bug with image Structured Data fields
Fixed bug with Advanced Edit buttons

2.86 build 20 - 03.06.2005
default remove formatting for subtitle and content
added Internal Forum – a section visible in Face Control for internal communication (changeable)
added variable default groups
added #VisSec and #PrevSecID – allowing creation of multiple forums
added “Allow external add info” and “Allow external add/publish info” to section
added sessions 

2.86 build 19 - 18.05.2005
Automatical creation of groups with style, users, permissions, sections
Added user e-mail amd phone – automatically submitted to support form
Added link “View in Webpage” to Expanded Preview
Added low or high priority to move and copy infos
Fixed bug with deleting images

2.86 build 18 - 11.05.2005
Info Entry and Editor Control for Mozilla

2.86 build 17 - 05.05.2005
Added new panel - Javascript and CSS
New color pallete - web safe colors
Added do not use cache to Query Sections
Added used visualization to cache
Added new buttons to Expanded preview - add new, edit vis, publish, unpublish
Fixed bug in Info Entry on Update - reloading dates and info types
Fixed tall images resize

2.86 build 15 -22.04.2005
Fixed bug with E-mail Alerts
Fixed bug with publishing infos
Fixed bug with reloading in Entry Forms Creator

2.86 build 14 -08.04.2005
Added in Info Entry ID of structured data Elements
Added Info ID or New in Info Entry
Fixed Default font in Info Entry
removed extra head in Preview from Vis Management
Fixed Links to Preview from Editor Control, Vis Management, Group Editor
Fixed bug with Insert Image in Templates Editor
Added do not delete cache for Poll
added thin borders in table and default style verdana 11px 
Added new panel - Individual Mails
Added Preview Styles to Face Control menu
Removed button Generate html
Removed dates from Query Sections
Added new tags to advanced remove formatting
Added in Groups checkmark Strict for menus
Added assign rights for uploaded files and images
Pop-up window Advanced Rem Formatting active until close
Added new features to Normal and Expanded  Preview, and Preview from Vis Mangement
Disabled Delete Button if template is in use
Added Preview in Info Entry
Not clearing screen on Update or Save As

2.86 build 09 – 28.02.2005
Fixed Preview Styles Panel
Added IDs in Vis Config
Fixed bug with preview in Visualization Management
Fixed bug with aligning images
Added Version
In Normal Preview added Not Published
Removed Title Image
Mail List added to statistics
Removed checkmark Automaticaly generate static html in Editor Control
New structure of Face Control menu
Fixed bug with colors
Added to Face Control menu button Support - leads to online support
Fixed in Expanded preview on second step not to reguire password for Edit

2.86 build 08 – 25.02.2005
Added cache
New Interface in Info Entry
Added advanced remove formatting
in Info Entry - restricted fields for Structured Data

2.86 build 07  31.01.2005
in Expanded preview – fixed info complete
added checkmark Automaticaly generate static html in Editor Control

2.86 build 06  28.01.2005
changed default table borders, width and colors
removed default image hspace in Info Entry
removed default blue link color


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